Welcome to Roermond

Roermond is an attractive Dutch town uniquely located in the ‘Maasplassen’ lake district. It has a long and fascinating history and a charming town centre full of delightful shops. Roermond is a vibrant place with a flair for the good things in life. It has an inviting array of pubs, restaurants and outdoor cafés where visitors can enjoy a piece of the delectable local ‘Christoffel’ pastry or a delicious glass of locally brewed beer.

ROER mond art Stationsplein RoermondRoermond’s town centre has been designated a conservation area and has a wealth of listed buildings and monuments. The town centre has many historical buildings, including churches, old shop premises and several charming squares. In addition to this fascinating heritage, the historic centre also has a wide variety of appealing shops. There are even more shops at Designer Outlet Roermond, a paradise for shoppers just a short walk from the town centre. Slightly further out are a retail park, a home and garden shopping mall, and a home furnishings centre.

Welcome to Roermond

Town on the Meuse, Rur and Schwalm – closer than you imagine
Situated along the banks of the rivers Meuse, Rur and Schwalm, Roermond has 57,000 inhabitants and lies at the heart of the Rhine-Meuse-North Euroregion. Belgium and Germany are both less than 15 kilometres away. Brussels and Antwerp (Belgium), Utrecht and Arnhem (Netherlands), and Münster and Dortmund (Germany) are only 90 minutes from Roermond by car. Even closer – only a 60-minute drive – are Liège and Hasselt (Belgium), Nijmegen (Netherlands), and Essen and Cologne (Germany). The Dutch towns of Eindhoven and Maastricht are only 30 minutes by car, as are Venlo (Netherlands), Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach (Germany).

A fascinating history
Roermond, located in the Dutch Province of Limburg, owes its fascinating history largely to its central location in the Euroregion. The town lies at the confluence of the rivers Rur and Meuse and was granted its town privileges in 1232. It was an important trading centre in the Middle Ages and a member of the Hanseatic League. It was also one of the principal towns of the Duchy of Guelders.

Roermond is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Roermond. Its town centre has been designated a conservation area and has a wealth of listed buildings and monuments. Roermond has belonged to five different countries in its history: Spain, France, Austria, Germany and, finally, the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Look carefully and you’ll see that each one has left its mark on the town centre.