Getting there

Thinking of visiting Roermond? Plan your journey in advance before you head out the door. You’ll find more information on this page about getting to Roermond by car or public transport.

Roermond catchment areaBy car
The A73-Zuid motorway will take you straight to Roermond. The motorway starts in Venlo, passes Roermond and joins the A2 to Maastricht just south of the St. Joost traffic circle. There are four different exits for Roermond: one to the Herten district (Roermond-Zuid), one that feeds into Koninginnelaan (Roermond-Oost), one that feeds into the N280 (Roermond), and one to the Swalmen district (Beesel/Swalmen). If you must travel by car, then plan ahead by checking out the websites below.

Public transport
Roermond is easy to reach by public transport, regardless of where you are in the Netherlands. The railway and bus stations are located right at the town centre.

By train
Roermond is an Intercity railway station along the Alkmaar/Schiphol-Heerlen/Maastricht and Nijmegen-Roermond routes. For more information about schedules and connections, see www.ns.nl (Dutch trains) and www.nsinternational.nl (international trains).

By bus
Roermond is a regional junction for the public bus system. The bus station is located right next to the railway station. Municipal and regional buses all depart from here. The railway station is also the place to catch a taxi or Regiotaxi, pick up your Greenwheels vehicle, or hire a bicycle.

Besides the regular public transport services, the Flixbus service connects Roermond to a large number of international destinations. The Flixbus pick-up point is on Maashaven, near Designer Outlet Roermond.